Even Sluts Deserve Healthcare


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While religion has motivated progress in many areas, it has also exercised repressive and oppressive influence from time to time.  Which is why I question the wisdom of extending some sort of "religious exclusion" for health insurance.

I suppose that a church could elect to not cover abortions for preachers if church doctrine is opposed to such things.  However, they should be compelled to list all of the activities that violate their doctrine and adjust their coverage accordingly.  Opposition to alcohol use comes to mind.

But the line I would draw would be at clergy.  For those that go in for such things, staff and students ought to be considered sinners along with the everyone else.

For those that don't like it, I suppose that we could move to a national a la carte system that separates employment from health insurance.  There are lots of options to be considered.

But allowing religious exemptions?  Next thing you know some "church" will refuse to pay their minority staff as much as their white staff and cite Scripture to justify their actions.

Link for the strip below.  Thanks to my friends in RACS for the pointer.

And since incendiary language appears to be the only way to elicit traffic and comments, expect more in the future.  I respond to incentives!

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I refuse to comment on the grounds that i would be rewarding incendiary language.

Damn. I was hoping to build on the incentive program!


The the trick is to respond to the non-incendiary language so I'll use more of that!