Jaw Droppingly Stupid.


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I infrequently engage in partisan phrases like "Smart Diplomacy!" and "The country is in the very best of hands!".  That sort of thing feels good, but it isn't really the sort of substantive criticism that I prefer to offer.

The last time I checked, most people prefer ice cream and cake to brussel sprouts and liver pate.

In this case, both bits are partisan fluff seem most appropriate.  The Obama administration has supported a call by the OAS for Britain to engage in discussions with Argentina regarding the sovereignty dispute over the Falklands.


For the people of the Falklands, there is no dispute.  They are British.  For the UK, there is no dispute.  The Falklands are British and have been British for roughly 178 years.  The Falklands have been British for longer than Argentina has had its current constitution.

In adopting this position, Mr. Obama's administration is siding with anti-American dictators like Hugo Chavez along with other anti-American leaders such as Daniel Ortega.  Obviously, his administration is also siding against our long and close ally, Great Britain.  Somehow this is the sort of 'smart diplomacy' that we were promised during the campaign?

From the comments comes the non-sequitur that sums this fiasco up most appropriately:

The next president is going to have to engage in a serious apology tour.

The mind, it boggles.

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