No Up-Butt-O-Scope For Mr. Obama


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Glenn Reynolds noted yesterday that Mr. Obama underwent an inspection of his colon that did not include the up-butt-o-scope.  Instead, Mr. Obama's physicians used a new procedure known as "CT colonography".  The nut of his post was to observe that while he can access this new technology, people on Medicare cannot.

Apparently....I have not looked.....the website of the government agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid states that “evidence is inadequate to conclude that CT colonography is an appropriate colorectal cancer screening test” to be covered for Medicare beneficiaries.”

There is a lack of evidence that CT colonography is an appropraite colorectal cancer screening test for Medicare patients, but it is good enough for the President of the United States??!!!???  Am I the only one that finds that a bit....nuts?

Keep in mind, I'm not criticizing Mr. Obama.  I'm glad he has a healthy colon.

I am criticizing an approval process that delays the deployment of lifesaving medical technology based on perceived costs.  I am also criticizing a system that is evolving into one where your access to medical technology is based on politics rather than costs.

How many Senators and Congresscritters would have been on the "public option" if that abomination had passed?  None.  Care to guess who would be getting better health care?  Our elected officials, our civil servants, or the rest of us saps that just pay the bill?

"Cost containment" is only a concern when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid.  When it comes to the health care for our government employees [elected or otherwise], there is no such thing as "too good".

The best laugh of the day came from the secondary consideration that the old-school colonoscopy requires the use of sedatives that would put Vice President and leading Gaff-a-matic Joe Biden in the big chair.

There is one reason and one reason alone why we should give Obama a pass on the virtual colonoscopy: President Joe Biden. Colonoscopies require general anesthesia, which would require a temporary transfer of power to Biden. Who knows which country Biden would trisect during the procedure. I for one applaud this judicious use of money.
 As do I.

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