Mortality Due To Lack Of Health Insurance


Posted on : 2/12/2010 11:45:00 PM | By : Dann | In : ,

Megan McArdle has some thoughts on how mortality relates the the lack of health insurance.....or not.

After giving it a read and perhaps some time to simmer in the old brain housing unit, consider how successive waves of medical innovation have save lives that formerly were lost.  If health care "reform" causes medical innovation to decrease...and perhaps cease in some many people are going to die that we might have saved.

This is not an argument against health care reform.  It is an argument in favor of not enacting "reforms" that will condemn us all to medicine that is stagnant.

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medicine currently is quite stagnate in out country as compared to european countries. our FDA withholds quite a few life saving drugs and procedures that are used successfully elsewhere. scary but true. our country is a corporation at this point, one that is run by the moneyed who don't give two sh*ts for piddly poor people who can't afford adequate health insurance. reform was originally intended to try to even the playing field between the moneyed and the poor. with the reform, there is a possibility that the FDA, in order to produce more money, might allow previously restricted life saving procedures and drugs.
great blog by the way:)

yeah, I know about the FDA. Cutting the red tape would help, too.

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