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I'd like to officially welcome Megan McArdle to my modest Blogroll.

Megan is a generally opposed to Libertarian...minded economist that writes for The Atlantic; a monthly magazine and daily website.

I find her positions to be generally well reasoned, well informed, and presented in an open minded fashion.....even when I disagree with her conclusions.

As an example, she is opposed to the current Congressional proposals as she believes that they will not deliver the advertised cost savings without cutting into either quality or access of health care.  At the same time, she has said that if any of the current proposals does become law and prove to cut costs and increase access without harming quality, then she would be very happy to admit she is wrong.

A position not terribly different from my own.

A second example would be her acceptance of the IPCC conclusions regarding global warming; that it is happening, that human activity is a prime motivator of such change, and that the scale of change calls for significant action.  She dismisses concerns over the "Climategate" emails as being not significant enough to change the basic conclusion.

Megan's head is crammed up her backside with respect to this particular issue, in the opinion of your most humble host.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoy reading Megan's blog and hope that you will as well.

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