Free Speech Means Free Speech


Posted on : 2/22/2010 12:02:00 PM | By : Dann | In : ,

I have been working on a longer post regarding the recent Citizen's United case.   In the meantime, my old buddy Vin Suprynowicz from the Las Vegas Review Journal as an excellent column on the issues at hand.

The one thing he says that needs to be repeated is how wrong some of the critics are when they mis-state the impact of this case.

Domestic corporations remain barred from using corporate treasuries to make direct donations to candidates — they have to contribute to “PACs.” Foreign corporations remain barred from contributing to American campaigns, at all.
 And of course he is correct to note the double standard in play here.  If the GOP were reacting as the Democrats are reacting, they would be crucified by the major media.

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